Barrier Gate, KKH3038

Barrier Gate with LED direction light

1- Cabinet Size: 360*240*1000mm
2- Metal Plate Thickness: 2mm
3- Material Process: high-temperature electrostatic baking paint
4- Cabinet Color: black back case + gold / orange front panel optional
5- Drive: 140W brushless DC motor
6- Lifting Speed: 1-6s adjustable
7- Input Power: DC24V±10%, 50HZ
8- Operating temperature: -30 ° C ~ +80 ° C
9- Production Time: around 3 working days

I, What is a Barrier Gate?

A Barrier Gate is an entrance and exit access control management equipment, especially used for restricting vehicles from passing. Therefore, it can help effectively prevent illegal vehicles from entering and exiting.
Nowadays, many customers install it widely in highway toll stations, parking lots, entrances, and exits to manage vehicle access.

II, Classification of Barrier Gate

According to the shape of the arm rod, the Barrier Gates can be divided into Straight Rod Barrier Gates, Fence Barrier Gate, and Advertising Barrier Gate.

4 types of Barrier Gate
4 types of Barrier Gate
3 types of Fence Barrier Gate
3 types of Fence Barrier Gate


Concerning the Arm Rod, the below types are optional.
1-6m Straight Rod, 1-6m Retractable Rod, or 1-6m Fence Rod. Lastly, Customers can choose according to their own needs.

Concerning the Advertising Barrier Gate, Please refer to another product.

III, Main features

1, Diversified variety optional

There are various cases, different shapes, and colors for options. At the same time, They have an elegant appearance and make them look graceful, fashionable, atmospheric, and high-level.
Therefore, diverse appearances can meet different environments and places’ requests and interests. Lastly, Users can choose any match according to the scene color.

2, Anti-collision Car Function

The Barrier Gate has advanced and matured intelligent anti-collision car functions.

KKH3038 Barrier Gate 12, with anti-collision function
KKH3038 Barrier Gate 12, with anti-collision function




*Anti-collision Ground Sensor

If the Barrier Gates receives a ground sense signal during the rod falls, it will automatically lift, and the rod will not fall during the trigger period. After the ground sense signal recovers, the rod will automatically fall.

What’s more, the Barrier Gate supports external and built-in ground sensor detection so that the rod can automatically fall after the car passes, and automatically rise if there’s a car under the rod during the fall.

*Rebound Anti-collision Car

The Barrier Gates are equipped with intelligent rebound anti-collision functions. If the rod meets an external force block in the process of falling, it will automatically rise to reduce the damage caused by mistakes. At the same time, it effectively ensures the safe passage of vehicles, giving pedestrians more peace of mind.

*Related demo video:

3, Permanent 90° Operation is Safer
KKH3038 Barrier Gate 13, with 90 degree range rotation
KKH3038 Barrier Gate 13, with 90-degree range rotation







KKKH adopts a precise moment balance transmission mechanism, which ensures the rod is vertical after rising and horizontal after falling forever. Therefore, it can make the rod operate at the range of 90 degrees permanently.

At the same time, the special design eliminates accidents caused by the 360-degree operation and keeps an accurate balance, never interrupting.

Meantime, the lifting rod operation is strong and stable and can start slowly, operate fast in the middle process, and stop slowly.
Besides, it can reduce mechanical failure, with low noise, no pollution, and no need for maintenance.

4, the Motor





Good equipment needs a good heart. KKH (Keep Kind Heart) adopts a DC brushless all-copper motor or AC motor optional, with strong torsion power, and low running noise (running noise ≤60dB).

At the same time, it can effectively reduce the rod shake and make the rod run more smoothly.

5, Control Mode

Users can control the opening and closing in the below ways. Lastly, choose one or multiple control ways to operate according to actual use needs.
1-Wireless remote control
2-wired control
3-manual control
4-communication automatic control (e.g. parking lot management system, entrance control machine.)

6, Left or Right Direction optional
KKH3003 Barrier Gate 18
KKH3003 Barrier Gate






Customers can fix the barrier gate on the left or right according to site needs before production.

7, Higher Integration + Multi-signal Input

The system uses a standard electrical interface and owns various interfaces, so users can easily connect it with other systems.

8, Nobody is on duty




Barrier Gates support integrating with a License Plate Recognition Machine. Therefore, it can help to realize automatic license plate recognition, intelligent lifting, non-sensory payment, and automatic release functions, and achieve unattended automatic management parking solutions.

IV, Demo Video

Demo Video
Boom Gate Demo Video



1, General Straight Rod:

2, 90° Curved Straight Rod:

3, General Fence Rod:

4, 90° Curved Fence Rod:

5, Heavy Duty Fence Rod:

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