China 1st security High-quality Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate, Barrier Gates, Turnstile Gate Manufacturer.

Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate KKH produces with 25 years of experience, strong customization ability, and friendly service, hoping to make you satisfied forever. 

How to select a good reliable Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate supplier?

The quality level of  Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate often directly determines the product’s service life and maintenance costs. The top superior quality can help you save after-sales maintenance time and costs. However, some customers one-sided pursuit of low prices, while ignoring the quality and follow-up service. Finally, it results in many after-sales problems and high maintenance costs. So how do we choose an appropriate reliable Turnstile Gates manufacturer?

What factors should be considered when purchasing Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate among many Turnstile Gate manufacturers?

The below 5 aspects are for your reference.


KEEP KIND HEART focuses on China’s 1st security High-quality Speed Gate | Full-Height Turnstile Gate, with the highest security, highest value, longest lifetime, and best service to ensure you are satisfied.

Our KEEP KIND HEART (KKH) Turnstile Gates

Some Turnstile Gates in market

Turnstile Gate PCB
Strong Turnstile Gates PCB can be integrated and compatible with various access control system.

Strong Integration

>>>KKH Turnstile Gates PCB(Printed circuit board) are researched, developed and manufactured by ourselves. So our professional team are proficient in each component and own strong customization ability.

>>>PCB motherboard core processor: adopt the automotive level of accessories, start fast, anti high and low temperature, higher stable performance.

>>>PCB have a unified and standard electrical interface, which can be connected to various read and write devices.

>>>Integration & Compatibility: With dry contact signal output port and wide threshold signal input port, it’s compatible with various access controller systems.

Weak customization ability

The Turnstile Gate PCB(Printed circuit board) of some factories are purchased from outside, no in-depth research and development of accessories, not proficient.

Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate | Tripod Turnstile Gate KKH11C16 can be integrated and compatible with any access control systems | Security Turnstile Gate FAQs

KKH Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate support various access control system solutions.
You can open the doors by above ways.

Strong Compatibility

Go through the continuous upgrade for more than 20 years, its compatibility becomes more powerful and the functions become more comprehensive, supporting integration with any 3rd party access control systems, e.g.
RFID card, Two-dimensional code, QR code, Bar code, Fingerprint, Face recognition terminal, Facial recognition, Temperature detection, Mask recognition, Password, Identity card (ID card), Passport, Card collector device, Manual button, Wireless remote control switch, PC Computer remote control management system, Mobile phone App control management system, Gym management system, Ticketing management system, Extra LED display, School versatile one card pass management system, Construction site management system, Building management system, Visitor system, Lift access control management system, etc.

Poor Compatibility

Some functions of some other factories turnstiles are not supported to meet customers requests.

304 Stainless Steel for Turnstile Gate, 316 Stainless Steel for Turnstile Gate
stainless steel for Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

Premium Stainless Steel Materials

We select high quality national standard 304 stainless steel(support 316 for special occasions), which is enough strong, rigid, robust, wearproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, damp-proof, heat-proof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and durable, can resist high temperatures, rain, humidity and salty weather. You can install them indoor or outdoor to bear any weather.

Some other factories choose 202, 304D stainless steel as raw materials with a shorter life, which is easy to rust and corrode, affect the appearance and image.

electromagnetic clutch for Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate, Barrier Gates
electromagnetic clutch for Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

Electromagnetic Clutch

We adopt reliable electromagnetic clutch locking separation technology. When the unauthorized people force to break in, first, the door will be opened in a little Angle (about 10 degrees Angle) to prevent damage to the glass door or movement and other components, and immediately locked. Then automatically restore the original position and lock.

Some other factories don’t use clutch. If unauthorized people push the door hard, the openning gap will be large enough to pass. It’s not safe.

Supercapacitor as the power supply of Turnstile Gates, Speed Gates, Barrier Gates

We select the supercapacitor as the power supply, with fast charging, longer life, environmental protection and safety.

Some other factories use Li-ion batteries to save costs, with slow charging and discharging, short life, and not environmentally friendly.

Speed Gate with over 9 pairs of Infrared Sensors
Speed Gate with over 9 pairs of infrared sensors

We adopt more than 9 pairs of infrared and 24 pairs of light curtains to protect the whole passing process. With strong logical judgment ability, they can accurately detect whether there are people or objects in the relevant area, distinguish the size of the object, before and after the order, and judge the passing condition. So they can help achieve the functions of direction discrimination, anti-trailing, anti-tailgating, anti-retrograde, preventing illegal passing, alarm, and anti-clip injury strictly, making the whole passage safer and pedestrians more at ease.

The speed gate infrared quantity from some other factories is small for about 3-5 pairs, will result in high misjudgment rate, poor anti-trailing effect and the risk of clip people.

II Professional

With 25 experiences, as the world’s top Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate manufacturer, KKH has accumulated a large number of cases and very rich industry experience, OEM customized solutions to realize your ideal dream.

III Price
Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate factory production & packing workshop
Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate factory production & packing workshop

It’s quite competitive since we are a Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate factory + trade integrated company. All products are produced and sold by ourselves, no extra charges from middleman added.

Iv Service
Warmhearted service

No matter where you are from in the world, we will treat you like family and good friends, hoping to satisfy you with our professional and good service.

Thoughtful one-stop service

We offer one-stop service from research, development, produce, sale and mainteinance, supporting deliver to your doorstep for some places or appointed places. From consultation to receipt of goods, we’ll follow up the whole process,save your time and bring you convenience, bring you convenience, make you more assured and life happier.

Turnstile Gate motor, Barrier Gate motor, Speed Gate motor
After-sales service

We provide 1 year warranty and lifetime technical direction in freely charge.

For spare parts: They’re produced by ourselves. So if need in the future, we can also provide promptly for you.

About Us

Company profile

Founded in Hong Kong in 1998, KEEP KIND HEAT Technology Co., Limited (慧心安科技有限公司) is an international leading high-tech access control system equipment Manufacturer, integrating research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service.

Product Range

We focus on entrance and exit security control intelligent management equipment and access control systems products, including One-arm turnstile gates, Optical lane drop-arm turnstiles, Three-arm tripod turnstile gates, Waist height turnstile gates, Optical swing turnstile gates, Optical speed lane, Quick-pass speed gate, Lane gate, Optical flap turnstile gate, Sliding turnstile gate, Barrier-free gate, Full-height turnstile gate, Vehicle barrier gate, Parking barrier gate, Parking access control management system, Roadblock machine, Bollards, Baggage screening equipment, Luggage scanning machine, Baggage checking equipment, Walk-though metal detector gates, etc.

Customized Solution

With 25 years of production experience. According to the different requirements of various projects, our professional team will provide you with a set of tailor-made, reliable, and personalized product solutions with international competitiveness.

Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate | Keep Kind Heart
Brand meaning
Keep kind in being human and premium products forever

Life is not easy. In addition to some things that are out of our control and force majeure, we will also encounter some other problems and setbacks that make us sad. For example, many poor products and bad service always make us frustrated and regret after buying. Meantime, it wastes a large amount of our time and money. We hope that everyone can live a happy life in a limited lifetime. Therefore, no matter what happens, we request ourselves to keep a kind heart all the time for behavior as human beings. And not do things that hurt others or make others unhappy (not only in the past and now, but also tomorrow). For products we KKH produce, we’ll also keep a kind heart forever. ( E.g., We’ll choose better parts as raw materials, such as movement. It equals the heart of a machine.)

A good machine needs a good heart.

For the products we KKH manufacture, in order to ensure safer, more stable work with longer lifetime, we select high-quality materials as core accessories, which is equivalent to the heart of the equipment, hoping that KKH high-quality products can make everyone who enjoys it rest assured, and hope KKH friendly service can make every customer satisfied forever.

Hopo to become yr lifetime friends with KKH friendly service

No matter where you are from, we’ll treat you like family and a good friend. May your life become more beautiful and happy after meeting us. We hope that this transaction makes us your lifetime loyal and reliable friend and provides you with endless service.

global, famous, first-class brand Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate enterprise
Corporate vision

Create the global best service of high-quality, safe, and intelligent products, and aspire to become the global, famous, first-class brand enterprise.

Sincerely hope to work together with friends from all over the world to build a safer, more efficient, more comfortable, and beautiful planet, making our lives better and happier.

Function of Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

Swing Turnstile Speed Gate function
1-Security Control

restrict effectively the safe entry and exit of the entrance by the access control systems solution, and prohibit unauthorized personnel / non-staff from entering and leaving at will,  such as salesmen, illegal people, etc. Therefore, it can help reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. 


The Turnstile can automatically record entry and exit time, so you can view and export the employee’s commute time, which will help save your time to check the time attendance and improve your working efficiency. Face Recognition & Fingerprint Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate can also eliminate the phenomenon that employees substitute colleagues to check in for work.

3-Control the number of passing pedestrians

You can count and limit the number of people in and out to prevent the harm caused by too many people crowding.


It not only makes the management more intelligent but also improves the grade of the site, making the onsite look more high-end and modern.

5-Save labor costs

No need for employees to supervise on-site. Meantime, it can be used together with the ticket management system to achieve unattended management.

Application of Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate for stadium

*You can install it in Subway Stations, Railway Station, Bus Station, Bus Waiting Hall, Airport Waiting Hall, Ship, Construction Site, Smart Building, High-End Business Office Building, Factory, Residential Areas, Government, Banks, Hotels, High-End Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Clubs, Gyms, Amusement Parks, Tourist Attractions, Parks, Football Fields, Gymnasiums, Stadium, Cinemas, Schools, Universities, Research Institutes, Libraries, Prisons, Hospitals, Reception, etc.

Full Height Turnstile Gate application

*Many stadium projects choose the Double-door Full Height Turnstile Gate with a QR code solution. Users don’t worry about forgetting to carry the card or missing the card. Meantime, the holders don’t worry that an unauthorized person burst in. So it’s a more secure, efficient, intelligent, and modern solution

Customers 5-star Evaluation for KKH Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

Customers evaluation for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate
KKH high-quality products

We’re a professional smart security access control system integrated cooperation with rich project experience. KKH’s high-quality products and friendly service interest us, so we plan to try KKH products first.
Our technical team took a test after collecting the goods, and the technical report is terrific! Some parameters even exceed our requirements.
We have transferred our orders to KKH, believe users will be also satisfied, and trust the good user experience will help more and more users know us, feeling our products and service are reliable!

Customers evaluation for Keep Kind Heart Turnstile Gate products 2
Full Height Turnstile Gate stadium project

We purchased 1 Full Height Turnstile Gate with a top canopy first as a sample test for a stadium project. The end user is very satisfied with our installation. We’re happy to continue to execute the following bulk order.

Customers good evaluation for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate
KKH Speed Gate with one-stop sevice

Terrific one-stop services from consultation to receipt of goods! The complete process of the project is posted to me, including producing, packing, shipping, and customs clearance. I just collect the goods at the office doorstep, saving us much time and energy!

Besides, give us fast direction patiently when we install. All of our team are very happy to work together with them! Expecting more cooperation in the future!

Tailored Speed Gates
Customers great evaluation for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

We have many Access Control System projects, KKH always help us to work out a best suitable tailored solution to meet every project different requirement. We’re very happy to work together with KKH, believe we’ll become long-term partner!

Professional Turnstile Gate Manufacturer
Customers feedback for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

A very professional manufacturer with a good sevice! I learned a lot of product expertise and promotion skills that I didn’t know before, which helped us a lot in marketing, hoping also it’s helpful for end users to select a better supplier.

KKH warmhearted direction service
Customers active evaluation for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate

I’m very happy to enjoy KKH premium products and warmhearted & patient direction service, wishing you become NO. 1 in security access control system industry.

Customers good feedback for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate
KKH Decent Direction

We’re a software development company. Thanks for KKH superior products and decent direction, help us finish the integration work from many projects.

Customers great evaluation for Keep Kind Heart Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate
Win more and more projects

We’re very happy to secure more and more access control system equipment projects with KKH premium products & and professional service. Heartiest thanks for the strong support without which it would not be possible.

a world-renowned first-class brand Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate supplier
World-renowned Enterprise

We’re confident in selling KKH High-quality products with a higher value and professional service! Believe the end users’ good experience and good evaluation will help us expand the global market.
hoping to work together with you for a long time to become a world-renowned first-class brand enterprise!


RFID card Turnstile Speed Gate

QR code Turnstile Speed Gate

Two-dimensional code Turnstile Speed Gate

Bar code Turnstile Speed Gate

Fingerprint Turnstile Speed Gate

Face recognition terminal Turnstile Speed Gate

Facial recognition Turnstile Speed Gate

Password Turnstile Speed Gate

Identity card (ID card) Turnstile Speed Gate

Passport Turnstile Speed Gate

Turnstile Speed Gate with Card collector device solution

Manual button Turnstile Speed Gate

Wireless remote control switch Turnstile Speed Gate

PC Computer remote control management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Mobile phone App control management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Gym management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Ticketing management system Turnstile Speed Gate

School versatile one card pass management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Construction site management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Building management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Visitor management system Turnstile Speed Gate

Lift access control management system Turnstile Speed Gate

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