Security Turnstile Gate FAQs

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Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 1:

What’s the difference between Semi-automatic and Full-automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate?

1 – Semi-automatic Type

 (1) For the upper, level arm bar: After each start, first needs our hands to press it down to an angle perpendicular to the ground. Next, lift up to an angle parallel to the ground. Then can work normally.

 (2) After the verification is approved, need to push the upper bar, then the door will be open.

2 – Full-automatic Type

(1) For the upper, level arm bar: will automatically lift up after each start, no need for a person to go to the scene and use our hands to lift up. It greatly saves time and labor!

 (2) After the verification is approved, just need our body to touch gently the upper bar arm, and the door will be opened automatically. No need for our hands to push it, avoiding the danger of touching bacteria on the bar, benefit our health!

Which type do I should choose?

Kind Suggestion:

If the budget is enough, strongly suggest choosing the Full-automatic type as a priority, since it’s very convenient and saves time with the below benefits.

(1) Save time + reduce workload

The upper bar arm will automatically lift up after each start, no need to dispatch especially a worker to go to the scene and use our hands to lift it up. It greatly saves time and reduces the workman’s workload!

(2) Convenience + Healthy

After the verification is approved, just need our body to touch gently the upper bar arm, and the door will be opened. No need for our hands to push it, avoiding the danger of touching bacteria on the bar, benefit our health! What’s more, don’t need to worry that we have no more hands to push the bar arm for entry & exit when our hands carry sth, e.g. Mobile phone, handbag, drinks bottle, food, baggage, etc.

(3) Cost-saving:

Although it’s a little higher than the semi-automatic type, the price difference is far lower than the labor dispatching cost. So it’s worth using a more competitive, high configuration, high-end Full-automatic type Tripod Turnstile Gate, and believe it’ll bring you more.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 2:

How does the Full-automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate work?

Re: After the passer swipes the card (or other access control ways) on the reader, for the legitimate card, the reader will give an opening signal to the main controller of the door. The main controller will control the motor to rotate forward for about 15° in the direction of the passage together with its attached arm rod, then stop down. Meantime, it prompts the passer to pass.

Next, When the passer touches the arm rod, the main controller is able to sense that the passer will pass, will control the motor again, and make it and the arm Bar rotate together so that the passer can pass smoothly along the direction of passage. When the brake bar is turned 120°, the passage ends.

At the same time, the total number of the counter in this passing direction will automatically increase by 1.

*If someone passes illegally, the arm bar will lock to prevent illegal passage.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 3:

Will it hit the passers during the rotation of the 3 arm bars?

Re: No.

If the pedestrian speed is less than the rotation speed of the door, the arm bar will stop turning immediately when it touches the person. When the pedestrian touches the bar again or at the time set by the customer, the bar will turn again until the pedestrian passes.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 4:

What are the raw materials?

Re: The standard material is 304 stainless steel. For some special occasions, kindly suggest choosing 316 stainless steel with a better resistance ability.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 5:

Can we install them outdoor?

Re: Yes. 

It’s one of the security turnstile gate FAQs.

304 stainless steel material we use is enough strong, rigid, robust, waterproof, anti-rust, and durable, and can resist high temperatures, rain, humidity, and salty weather. You can place them indoors or outdoors to bear any weather.

Kind suggestion: If install it outside, kindly suggest adding an extra shelter, which will prolong its lifetime.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 6:

Do I need add any extra roofing & shelter required if outdoor use?

Re: No need. You can install them directly outdoors without shelter. But it will be better if you can add roofing & shelter & canopy, which can improve the user experience with a longer lifetime.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 7:

Can we use the Turnstile Gate by seaside?

Re: Yes, you can.

This is one of the security turnstile gate FAQs.

Here kindly suggest choosing customized 316 stainless steels with a better resistance ability. Meantime, please kindly remember to maintain it regularly, try to keep the product dry and clean, will improve the turnstile gates’ life.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 8:

What’s the waterproof grade of Turnstile Gate?

Re: It’s IP65.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 9:

Can we use our own access control system & read and write devices?

Re: Yes, support.

Our main control boards have unified and standard electrical interfaces, which can connect with any access control system and work together well.

What’s more, we can cut a space freely on turnstile gates if need, so that it’s very convenient for you to install your own card reader, face recognition terminal, fingerprint identification device, biometric devices, etc. after collecting the goods.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 10:

Is your product compatible with our read and write devices for access control system integration?

Can your product integrate with our own access control system?

Re: Yes, support.

It is one of the security turnstile gate FAQs.

KEEP KIND HEART Access Gate has a dry contact signal output port and wide threshold signal input port, it’s compatible with various access controllers.

Speed Gate | Full Height Turnstile Gate | Tripod Turnstile Gate KKH11C16 can be integrated and compatible with any access control systems | Security Turnstile Gate FAQs

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 11

Which kinds of access control system do your access control equipment support using?

Re: KEEP KIND HEART entrance security turnstile barrier gates support opening the door by RFID card, Two-dimensional code, QR code, Bar code, Fingerprint, Facial recognition, Temperature detection, Mask recognition, Password, Identity card (ID card), Passport, Card collector device (Drop card into collector device), Coins collector (insert coins), Manual button, Wireless remote control switch, PC Computer remote control management system, Mobile phone App control management system, Gym management system, Ticketing management system, Extra LED display, School versatile one card pass management system, Construction site management system, Building management system, Visitor system, Lift access control management system, etc.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 12 & 13

Do your entrance security access control system support the remote control?

Do we control the Lane Gates by computer?

Re: Yes, support. They’re the security turnstile gate FAQs.

*Customers can open the door with a wireless remote controller button or computer.

*Support to connect with the computer. The manager can master the real-time work status of the doors and passing situation, realizing the remote control of the equipment operation by managing the computer.

*What’s more, Customers can also make a variety of management reports based on the passing information.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 14

Do your turnstile speed gate need to be connected to the internet?

Re: No, it doesn’t need. You just connect it to a computer by network cable, then give the card authorization. That’s ok.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 15

Can I connect your Turnstile Barrier Gates to a cooperate server network via ether directly?

Re: Yes, you can.
You can connect it to a computer by TCP/IP, network, or LAN.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 16

Can I reprogram it in order to customize my operational requirements?

Re: Yes, you can.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 17

Do your products meet fire protection requirements?

Re: Yes, When the power is off, the door will open automatically, and the people can pass freely.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 18

How about your quality of the Access Control Automatic Equipment?

RE: KEEP KIND HEART Access Control Automatic Equipment are at the highest level of quality with the most competitive price.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 19

How do you guarantee the superior quality of your Turnstile Barrier Gates?

(1) Superior Parts

We choose the superior parts with the best quality in the industry to ensure stable work and longer lifetime, e.g.

  • Brushless Motor

  • Supercapacitor Power Supply

  • The main control board with strong integration.

           Go through the continuous upgrade for more than 20 years, its compatibility becomes more powerful and the functions become more comprehensive.

  • Infrared Sensor

           We adopt more than 9 pairs of infrared and 24 pairs of light curtains to protect the whole passing process.

(2) Production Management

We strictly manufacture according to ISO9001.

(3) Test

Every set of access control systems will go through an aging test before packing.

The mechanism and its control system have passed the 12 million life tests before packing.

What’s more, we’ll also make a demonstration to ensure all functions are normal before packing.

Security Turnstile Gate FAQs 20

Do you provide OEM service?

Re: Yes, support. KEEP KIND HEART is able to manufacture the customized turnstile gates as your samples & technical requests based on 25 years of rich experience.

21: Do you support customized Turnstile Speed Gate?

Re: Yes, support.

KEEP KIND HEART can manufacture them with customer-requested materials, configuration, package, Logo, etc.

22: Do you have in stock?

Re: No. Since they’re large commodities with higher value and different customized functions. We generally manufacture as per customers’ different project requests. Although they have no stock, we can start production immediately as your project requests once receiving payment.

23: What’s the production time?

Generally speaking, 7 working days for general orders, and 2 weeks for bulk orders.

24: What’s the shipment time?

By air: 2-5 days to your nearest airport,

By express: 3-9 days to your doorstep,

By sea/land: It’s different for every country due to the different distance difference.

25: Have you ever exported to our country?

Re: Yes, we have. KEEP KIND HEART do international business for over 20 years with rich experiences. We know about the different requests among different countries and have exported successfully to all over the world.

26: How do you pack the products?

26: Which kinds of packing do you use?

Re: We pack in plywood case. It’s strong enough, which is suitable for long-time international safe transportation.

27: How about the trade terms & shipment?

Re: support EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DDU, DDP, etc.

You can use your own shipping agent or ours. You can collect the goods from our factory, assigned place, seaport, airport, or customer’s office doorstep.

28: Am I will be informed after the cargo arrive in destination?

Re: Yes. The Shipping Agent will call or message you when the cargo arrives at the seaport. They can also assist you to deal with the import customs clearance.

29: What is the MCBF (mean cycles between failure)?

Re: 12 million

30: How to buy?

Re: KEEP KIND HEART is a manufacturing & trading combo with a one-stop service. You can purchase directly from us.

First, you order and pay us.

Next, after receiving the amount and confirm well on details in production, will start manufacturing as required.

Lastly, we arrange delivery to you at our factory, your shipping agent, your seaport, your airport, your office doorstep, or other appointed places.

31: What’s your payment terms?

Re: T/T in advance (bank transfer)

In some countries, we have native banks. It’s very convenient for customers to arrange transfers with a lower handling fee.

32: Is there some requirement for the ground to install the entrance security gates?

Re: Please install them on the concrete ground or a steel base.

33: How to install the Turnstile Speed Gate?

Re: It’s easy and simple. We will finish assembly and test well before shipment. Customers just need to fix on the ground with the expansion bolt delivered, then connect to power supply cables, sync cables, and internet cables. It will work.

What’s more, we’ll also offer you User Manual with detailed installation instructions after delivery. Lastly, we can offer you free lifetime technical support when you need it.

34: How long is the warranty?

Re: 1 year warranty freely, enjoy lifetime maintenance service after expiry.

In fact, KEEP KIND HEART certificated quality products work stably with long term lifetime, seldom goes wrong. But if problem really occur, we’ll offer freely parts replacement within warranty. After warranty, will offer you them at a lower cost if need parts.



KEEP KIND HEART will not have any liability or obligation within warranty for the below situation.

  1. Any defect caused by misuse or abuse of the product.
  2. Damage caused by natural disasters.
  3. Damage caused by unauthorized modification.
  4. Defects caused by improper storage of the product.
  5. Damage caused by deliberate man-made. ( or other such terms and conditions)

35: How do you deal with the after-sale service?

Re: In fact, our certificated quality products work stably with long term lifetime, seldom goes wrong.

But if the problem really occurs, you just take some pictures or videos with specific descriptions, then send them to us by email, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, etc. Our technical teams will analyze it and provide a solution for you accordingly. (e.g. how to set, return for maintenance or send you a new replacement, until we resolve all of your problems.)

36: Is it free for your technical direction?

Re: Yes, it’s freely charge.

37: Can I purchase the related parts after many years pass?

Re: Yes, you can. Since these parts are researched and manufactured by ourselves. Pls rest assured you can also purchase them from us after many years pass.


If you have any questions, pls freely contact us anytime. 

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