Roadblock KKH41

Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade is a barrier or barricade on a road, used to control vehicle passage security entry and exit.

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Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade Introduction

I. What is a Roadblock | Barricade?

Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade can also be called Anti-Terrorism Roadblock Machine, Roadblock Equipment, Barrier Block, Road Barrier, Road Barrier Gate, Road Barrier Equipment, Road Barrier device, Anti-Terrorism Wall. It is a barrier or barricade on a road, used to control vehicle passage security entry and exit.

II. Types of Roadblock | Barricade

According to the mode of operation, we can divide it into

*Flipping Roadblock

*Lifting Roadblock

According to the shape, we can divide it into

*Roadblock with Spear Tip

*Roadblock without Spear Tip

According to the protective performance, we can divide it into

*Double-Sided Anti-Collision Roadblock

*Single-Sided Anti-Collision Roadblock

The type of elevating double-sided roadblock can resist the collision of vehicles in two directions.

III. The function of Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade

It can help control the safe entry and exit of vehicle channels in special places and effectively prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering. At the same time, it can also ensure the safety of facilities and places. With higher practicality, reliability, and safety, it provides security guarantees for key prevention departments such as road bayonets, airports, wharves, nuclear power plants, military bases, and key government departments.

IV. Application Site of the Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade

It can be used in key prevention departments, e.g. Important Unit Gates, Road Bayonets, Airports, Logistics, Warehouses, Border Inspection, Customs, Ports, Prisons, Nuclear Power Plants, Troops, Military Bases, Key Government Departments, State Organs, etc.

V. Parameters of Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade

1, System Control: hydraulic pressure

2, Bearing Capacity: can pass 80 tons of container trucks.

3, System Power: 1.5KW/380V.

4, Rising Time: ≤3S (adjustable).

5, Drop Time: ≤3S (adjustable).

6, Working Temperature: -25~65.

7, Storage Environment: -10~75, rainproof, moisture-proof and dust proof.

8, Color: multiple colors optional

9, Case Body Size: L3210*W820*H700mm (can be customized)

10, Lifting Height: 600

12, Weight: ± 1.2 tons.

13, Mode Of Operation: You can operate it by the electric way, manual button, remote controller, swiping card, or other ways.

VI. Performance of Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade

1, Strong, Smooth & Durable

The structure is strong and durable with a huge bearing load, smooth action, and low noise.

2, Easy Integration

It uses PLC control. The system performance is stable and reliable. It’s easy to integrate.

3, Simultaneous Control

You can combine the Roadblock with road vehicle barrier gates or other control equipment to achieve simultaneous coordinated control.

4, Emergency Control

In the case of power failure or the Roadblock breaks down, if the Roadblock is in the rising state and needs to fall, we can descend the raised roadblock cover plate to a horizontal position by manual operation so that the vehicles can pass.

5, Safe & Stable

We use an international leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology to ensure the whole system is safe, reliable, and stable.

6, Operation Way of Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade

Customers can choose the following ways to operate the Roadblock.

6.1, Remote Control Device

We can control the rising and falling of Roadblock by wireless remote control. The valid control range is around 30 meters around the controller (It depends on the scene radio communication environment).

6.2, Card Control

The added card reader can make you automatically control the rise and fall of the Barricade by swiping the card.

6.3, Other Access Control Devices

The combined control of Roadblock with other access control devices.

Customers can combine the Roadblock with Vehicle Barrier Gate, etc. other access control devices to achieve the integrated coordinated control function.

7.4, Computer control

Customers can connect Roadblock with the computer management system or charging system to achieve unified control by the computer.

7.5. Traffic Lights

Equipped with ground sense and infrared protection interface, Roadblock can be used together with traffic lights.

VII. Features of Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade

1, Quick

The lifting time of Roadblock can be as fast as 3 seconds. It’s much larger than the pneumatic bollard with the same specification, which is extremely valuable.

2, Calm

Because Roadblock uses a hydraulic drive unit, the action is soft and calm. So it helps solve the traditional pneumatic bollard larger noise caused by air pump operation.

3, Flexible and Diverse Control

The Roadblock control unit adopts a multi-function logic controller, which can modulate a variety of different function modes to meet different user needs.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that its motion process is adjustable based on the timing design. So users can freely control the height of lift and fall, effectively saving energy consumption.

4, Unique Structure

*Efficient Action

The core part of Roadblock the hydraulic unit and mechanical power mechanism is an integrated design, which can effectively transfer the mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit, and the action is very efficient.

*Excellent Performance

For the unique design that the hydraulic unit realizes the pressure lift, the performance is very excellent, which is rare in the same field at home and abroad.

5, Overcurrent Protection

The upper and lower parts of the internal fixed machine structure are equipped with current detection sensors and electromagnetic sensors respectively, so as to realize the overcurrent protection of the power unit and the effective position limit of the column movement. The operation is stable and reliable.

6, Affordable and Longer lifetime

Since it is a hydraulic transmission integrated mode, it’s environmental protection, saving energy, lower consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, and reduce maintenance costs.

7, Easy Installation

In addition, KEEP KIND HEART adopts a non-traditional guiding mechanism design, making installation and maintenance simple, easy, and fast.


VIII. KEEP KIND HEART Roadblock KKH41 | Barricade Manufacturer Contact Way

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 15818757896


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